Learn to dance the blues!

We currently offering a new 6 week beginner course and 3 week intermediate course starting on April 19th, more details below.

At the moment we don’t offer any drop-in classes. If you would like to try our classes (for free), you’re very welcome to join us at our monthly social dance at Lovelite where you can attend our free blues taster. You can find further information below and sign up here.

Our New Blues Beginners Course:

You would like to learn or refresh the blues basics? Here you go! We’ll go all the way through pulse, posture, connection, walking moves, basic turns as well as some jook joint and ballroom blues.

None! Come as you are.

Further information:
In that level, we’d like you to switch roles. Knowing both how to lead and how to follow basic blues moves will make you a better and more creative dancer. We’ll also rotate partners in this class. No partner needed. No drop in.

Hard Facts:
6 weeks for €60 // At: Pilatesengel (Herrfurthplatz 5, 12049 Berlin) // Every Wednesday from 19:45 – 20:45 starting on April 19th.

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Our New Solo Blues Course:

Why solo dancing? Well, being able to dance solo to a song will give you a huge advantage. It will increase your vocabulary, boost your confidence and improve your connection to the music, the floor and your own body. We will give you solo moves and focus on move quality, look at transitions between moves and how to fit them nicely into a song

None, the course will be all levels friendly

Hard Facts:
3 weeks for €40 // At: Pilatesengel (Herrfurthplatz 5, 12049 Berlin) // Every Wednesday from 21:00 – 22:00 starting on May 10th.,

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We’re here for you! Please don’t hesitate to write to us if you have any questions concerning classes, events we manage or dancing the blues in general. E-Mail: sweetbluesberlin(at)